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There are many reasons why it is important to heal your energy and spirit. One of the most significant reasons is that unresolved negative energy from the past can have a profound impact on our present lives, causing stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. In order to live a balanced and happy life, it is crucial to take steps to heal your energy and spirit and release any negative emotions or traumatic experiences that may be holding you back.


By healing your energy and spirit, you will have more clarity and focus in your daily life, as well as increased resilience in the face of difficult situations. You will also find it easier to connect with others, build positive relationships, and experience more joy and happiness in your daily life. Finally, by healing your energy and spirit, you will gain greater insights into yourself and your true purpose in this world. So if you are ready to move forward in your life with confidence, peace of mind, and joy, then it is essential that you work on healing your energy and spirit today.

Yoga at Home

Chakra Healing

The  Refresh

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- Aura photo before and after Chakra balancing

- 30 min chakra light bed session

- Hz Frequency energy healing during chakra balance

- Crystal placement to enhance energy meridians

- 10 Min psychic energy session to identify issues


You will leave this session feeling renewed and refreshed. You will receive a complete energy enhancement of the chakra system using light, sound, crystals, meditation and Energy to heal and align your chakras.



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- You will be able to resolve emotional issues that have

 been preventing you from achieving success.

-Identify and heal pain or trauma from the past

-Gain guidance on how to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

-Get help completing tasks to achieve inner peace


Spiritually healing allows me to connect with you by spiritually guiding your mind through meditation so that we can take an in-depth look into the past, present and future. By going over these periods of time I will be able to see how pain or trauma has affected us emotionally which prevents success from occurring as well as identifying what obstacles are currently preventing this peace for both ourselves now but more importantly later down our lives' paths

I am also informed about where exactly it lies within each individual’s life timeline – whether they would like spiritual guidance on their path forward towards wellness (now), have already started making changes internally yet need assistance completing those tasks correctly




The  Spiritual


The  Complete 

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- 8 Chakra light bed sessions (30 min)

- Everything included in the Chaka refresh healing

-Plus the Spiritual healing

- 2 Psychic & Tarot combination readings

- 1 healing session per week 


This package is the complete healing. If you're serious about healing and bringing balance into your life and feeling your best this healing is for you. Spiritual & Energy healing Psychic advice and guidance to get your on the right track. This healing is perfect for those who want to release the past. This will help you to achieve Love, Happiness & Peace in all area of life. Awaken your passion attract and manifest your best life.




The Soulmate

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- 3 Chakra light bed sessions (1 hour sessions)

- Special Guided meditation Customized for you

- Candle and prayer ceremony to Heal a current 

   Relationship or attract a new one

-  Shadow work program / Inner child healing

- 1 healing session per week 


This package is perfect for someone that may be struggling with love and relationship, or having a hard time forgiving or making peace with the past. Sometimes holding on to events from the past that we haven't had closure with allows us to keep repeating patterns. If your struggling to find love or struggling in your current relationship this is the healing for you.



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